2 min readJun 11, 2021


Let’s start from the beginning. Cause I really need to tell you guys the full story. (2Pump speaking here)

The idea of 60CENT grew in our heads around a month ago. The Defi-Scene was taking over around our world and as someone who sees true potential in Decentralized Finance, we thought it would be absolutely freakin’ cool to build a meme token which one’s gonna show people what is possible if someone with honest interests can reach not only the defi-scene, but also the mainstream scene.

We grew up with all the O.G.’s from the 90’s, with all the hip-hop legends of our youth. I am pretty sure you also got so many memories of crazy times and good old open airs where you could feel the love and the united hearts and energy of thousands and thousands people. So that’s where all began, the idea of 60CENT. We went trough up and downs for this project the last month, all of us working nearly full time on our vision. Because that’s how we do business: strictly, always giving 100% and striving to reach not just the average, but to go above and beyond.
What i mean when i say we? We’re a team of 10 people who are working together in business since more than five years. If you wanna know more or get more details about our vision, please Bro, check our blackpaper. Yes, you heard right, no whitepaper because I am black, for real. You can find it here: https://60cent.io/blackpaper

Believe me, this project will make history. It is not just a project to earn some money, no, it is a project from the heart.

We don’t just have a goal and when that is achieved we are gone. We want to reach out to our childhood stars. Imagine all of your 90s kings on one stage? We all sing and dance to 8Mile or CandyShop. Or a relaxed chill with Snoop Dogg or 50Cent?

The sky is the limit and we are not lacking in ideas.

The fact is, the 90s shaped us ALL, musically, socially and economically. We want to build a movement, a huge community and achieve great things together.

Especially in the current time it is not always easy, loneliness, hatred, war. We don’t need any of this. Our community codex is clearly ONE for ALL and ALL for ONE. You are our brother / sister. No matter how old you are, where you are from and where you are going. Let’s shoot this THING to the damn moon. Let us be one UNIT. Like G-UNIT.

More to come soon, peace out Bro.

— Oh, nearly forgot to mention: Have a look at our website here: https://60cent.io




A community driven token straight outta detroit. 👊🏽Join our hood to not miss anything, listing is gonna be announced soon! https://t.me/the60centprotocol